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Mostly Nitpicking

Apr 28, 2024

It's a blast from the past.

This week, Nando DJ and Diggins take to the airwaves to watch a movie so strange that the star needed to be threatened with legal action, by the studio, Theodore Rex.

This is a recording of the live commentary session. The event was a fundraiser for the Palestine Children's Relief Fund and...

Apr 15, 2024

Damn this movie! Damn it straight to Hell!

This week Nando DJ and Diggins crash land on a planet not unlike our own and watch a truly bizarre movie that everyone seems to have forgotten exists, Planet of the Apes.

They nitpick the spacesuits, the makeup, and of course the kisses.



DJ - Delicious in...

Apr 9, 2024

Why is everyone trying to freeze the beach and create a new frozen empire these days?

This week Nando, DJ, and Diggins jump through the hollow earth portal to watch filth movie in this ultra successful cinematic universe that everyone forgets exists, Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire.

They nitpick the gloves, the guys,...

Apr 3, 2024

There's something strange. And it don't look good.

This week Nando DJ and Diggins go to that classic firehouse and put on those classic jumpsuits to watch a movie that answers the question, what is Podcast up to, Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire.

They nitpick the kids, the ghosts, and of course the mayor.