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Mostly Nitpicking

Jul 29, 2014

Everybody get up! It's time to jam now. We are down to the final four in our Best Sports Movie Villain bracket. CTO Caroline Amaba comes back on to help us eliminate four of the competitors. We also interview three of the Nerdlucks from Space Jam! Also we talk Comic Con and negative Guardians of the Galaxy reviews.

Jul 22, 2014

This week's show sounds like a damn monster movie! We have both DiCola brothers Frank and Paul. Frank is the game designer and Paul is the Frozen fanatic. (He has other interests.) We eliminate eight competitors in our Best Sports Movie Villain to reveal our Elite Eight. There are some big surprises and then there are...

Jul 16, 2014

Y'all ready for this? We can answer that for you. No you are not. This week we invite Jay and engineer Cori onto the show to talk sports movies. Jay has seen at least three. We go over the results of the first round of voting on our Best Sports Movie Villain. Tears are shed. Friends become enemies. Enemies become...

Jul 9, 2014

A new bracket is upon us. We are talking sport movies! We bring on Alex Lee, friend of the show, and Ben Chapman, the racist manager from the movie 42, and we go through our Best Sports Movie Villain Bracket. We have 32 contenders that include Shooter McGavin, White Goodman, Apollo Creed, and the Monstars! We also close...