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Mostly Nitpicking

Sep 23, 2019

What are we? Some sort of Nitpicking Pod?

This week Nando and DJ crash a helicopter into one of the worst superhero movies ever made, Suicide Squad. They nitpick the Joker's tattoos, the Joker's goons, and of course everything else related to the Joker. Also the rest of the movie. It's a mess. Except Captain Boomerang....

Sep 12, 2019

As part of the Dance to Joker series, Nando and DJ are searching their memory cards and looking back at one of the best series in superhero video game history, the Batman Arkham games. That includes Arkham Asylum, City, Origins, and of course Knight.

They nitpick the tanks, the twists, and of course the Arkham Asylum...

Sep 8, 2019

What doesn't kill you...makes you...stranger! Ya get it? Not stronger. Stranger. Because...hes strange. It's very cerebral.

This week Nando and DJ travel to Gotham City (with a brief detour in China) to nitpick one of the most popular and possibly greatest movies of all time in The Dark Knight.

They nitpick the bullets,...

Sep 1, 2019

We're talking about satellites and microchips and bodysuits, which can mean only one thing: its time for Future Joker! 

This week Nando and DJ dance their way over to New Gotham or whatever to watch the TV movie thing, Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker. They nitpick the nightclubs, the red herrings, and of...