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Mostly Nitpicking

Jul 30, 2015

This week, we are lucky to talk with Donald Trump.

Jul 28, 2015

This is it! We have narrowed down the field to the final two competitors in our Greatest American bracket. We talk with Frank DiCola about who he thinks will win it all. Will the Sentinel of Liberty, Captain America be victorious or will the voice of the American media Stephen Colbert wind up on top? We talk at...

Jul 20, 2015

We are excited to record our 100th episode so we have a huge crew on. We reveal the results of the Final Four in our Greatest American bracket.

Jul 14, 2015

This week, we bring back Mad Bracket Status superfan Dan Ward to discuss the semi finals of the Greatest American bracket. We answer burning questions on the mind of Bracketeers. Is Duke Nukem technically even American? Has Sam the Eagle ever met Stephen Colbert? Can Batman really V Superman? Also DJ explains the Man...

Jul 7, 2015

Happy Fourth of July! This week, we bring on friend of the show Alex Lee to discuss the results of the Round of 32 match ups in the Greatest American bracket. We talk about how Jax is crazy, that time GI Joe stopped fighting COBRA and started fighting sharks, and we agree that Bandit Keith may have been the worst Duel...