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Mostly Nitpicking

Sep 28, 2015

This week Nando and DJ are sitting down with​ contributor Chris Diggins and revealing the Sweet Sixteen round of the Samuelest Jackson bracket. We talk about why Shaft was a pivotal moment in Sam's career. We debate the ethical remifications of a Velentine-esque population culling. We even get a visit...

Sep 21, 2015

Samuel L Jackson may be the greatest actor to ever have lived. That may be a bit of an overstatement. What is definitely not an overstatement is that he has played some of the most memorable characters in the history of film. You've got Nick Fury. You've got Jules Winnfield, You've got Shaft. We at Mad Bracket Status...

Sep 14, 2015

This week, we reveal the winner of the Most Powerful Princess bracket, we talk about some of our favorite Sam Jackson roles, and we figure out how the hell King Kong is gonna stand a chance against Godzilla.

Sep 8, 2015

We have arrived at the final round of the Most Powerful Princess bracket. Nando and DJ go over the voting results and talk about the two princesses vying for the title of Most Powerful. We also talk a little more about our next bracket, the Samuelest Jackson.

Sep 1, 2015

This week we bring on Kenny Goff to talk about the Final Four round of our Most Powerful Princess bracket. We put an end to the Starfire vs Wonder Woman debate. We get to the bottom of why the Simarillion would or would not work. And we give you a sneak peak at the next bracket.