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Mostly Nitpicking

Feb 22, 2024

Her pod connect them all.

This week Nando DJ and Diggins go to the Amazon to research spiders right before this franchise dies to watch the most talked about movie of 2024, Madame Web.

They nitpick the Amazon, the taxi, and of course the ADR.



DJ - Taylor Tomlinson: Have It All (stand up), Lisa...

Feb 11, 2024

The bigger the spy, the bigger the pod.

This week Nando DJ and Diggins whirligig their way to the theater you to watch the movie that answers the question, who is the real agent Argylle?, Argylle.

They nitpick the cats, the twists, and of course the dances.



DJ - Earthborne Rangers (Game)

Diggins -...

Feb 7, 2024

Yeah. Oh yeah!

This week, after weeks of searching on the Discord, we finally found a winner of the eliminator pool and they chose to demand we watch the most 2002 movie of 2015, Entourage.

They nitpick the bros, the stars, and of course, the Hyde.



DJ - Mask Men (game)

Diggins - The Venture Bros.:...