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Mostly Nitpicking

Sep 25, 2022

You're welcome. You're welcome very much.

This week, Nando DJ and Diggins wiggle on over to the hell casino to watch what is inexplicably the best movie of this year where Tom Hanks does an insane accent, Elvis.

They nitpick the comics, the music, and of course the Colonel.

Sep 14, 2022

And you thought the Pauly Shore one was bad.

This week, Nando DJ and Diggins sail over to Italy (and maybe England for a while, it's unclear) to watch the for some reason second of these this year, Disney+'s Pinocchio.

They nitpick the accents, the clocks, and of course the salute. 

Sep 5, 2022

Everybody keeps saying it's the good movie. But isn't not. It's the other movie.

This week Nando Diggins and DJ travel to Granite City to watch the movie that...listen. It's. Yeah. Samaritain.

They nitpick the gangs, the speeches, and of course the hammers.