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Mostly Nitpicking

Nov 29, 2021

Warning: we talk about what scene from the first Ghostbusters where Dan Aykroyd gets down with a ghost A LOT in this episode so maybe not one for the kids.

This week, Nando and Diggins (and maybe DJ's ghost nodding approvingly) move to Smalltown USA to watch the next in what will almost certainly be a long line of soft...

Nov 23, 2021

From the Director of Central Intelligence, here comes Central Intelligence: This Time with Deadpool!

This week, while DJ is honeying the moon, Nando and Diggins go to a bunch of locations vaguely associated with heist movies to watch this week's big Netflix thing that everyone will forget in a week, Red Notice.


Nov 13, 2021

The balance of power in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is about to change, forever.

This week Nando, DJ, and Diggins get in their big flying triangle to watch the movie event of early November, Marvel's Eternals.

They nitpick the powers, the history, and of course the Kingo.

Nov 7, 2021

No jokes here. This movie rules.

This week, Nando DJ and Diggins sit down and watch The Matrix, a movie that rules.

They nitpick the coats, the ants, and of course the whoas.