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Mostly Nitpicking

Oct 30, 2019

It is time! We're going Bang! Zoom! Straight to the movie Moon!

This week Nando and DJ finally nitpick the movie chosen by the winner of the March Madness competition, Duncan Jones' Moon.

They nitpick the space station design, the element harvesting, and of course the video calls.  

Our Extra Life Team: 

Oct 17, 2019

They made a CLEARLY CGI PERSON! Out of another PERSON!

This week, Nando and DJ buckle down and watch the most boring movie of the fall, Gemini Man.

The nitpick the de-aging, the villains plan, and..the DCEU. 

Oct 12, 2019

All we have are negative thoughts. I mean. The acting was good. And production design. But besides that. 

This week, Nando and DJ jump down some stairs to the epic conclusion of the Dance to Joker series with the movie that started all those roots that didn't happen, Joker.

They nitpick the music, the comedy, and of...

Oct 7, 2019

These aint your father's superheroes. Unless your father is a psychopath.

Before the release of Joker (even though technically this is being released after Joker), a movie about a terrible supervillain, Nando and DJ check in on the worst superheroes to ever grace Amazon Prime so far, The Boys.

They nitpick the running,...

Oct 1, 2019

All your favorite Batman villains are here! The Riddler. Kite Man. General Zod. Voldemort. Sauron. Wait a second.

This week, Nando and DJ take out the instructions and build up one of the most Batman movies of all time, The Lego Batman Movie.

They nitpick the Legos, the Robin, and of course...Ninjagos?