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Mostly Nitpicking

Dec 27, 2022

Whether you asked for it or not.

This week Nando DJ and Diggins return to the three dimensional moon of Pandora and watch the movie that James Cameron has been dreaming about for the last two decades, Avatar: The Way of Water.

They nitpick the Na'vi, the people, and of course the whales.

Dec 16, 2022

We didn't sign up for this.

This week, Nando DJ and Diggins travel to the far off moon of Pandora to check back on the Na'vi before they go swimming and watch the highest grossing movie of all time for now, 2009's Avatar.

They nitpick the soldiers, the trees, and of course the ponytails.

Dec 10, 2022

We're halfway there!

This week Nando DJ and Diggins return to the shirtless woods of the Pacific Northwest to watch a movie that certainly is the middle one, Eclipse.

They nitpick the powers, the love triangles, and of course the Confederate Army.

Dec 4, 2022

The movie event of the year is upon us. We're watching Willow!

This week Nando DJ and Diggins take a sled down the mountains of Tir Asleen to watch the movie sensation that is sweeping the nation, 1988's Willow.

They nitpick the magic, the trolls, and of course the wet old ladies.

Nov 26, 2022

Special shows are hard to find.

This week Nando and Diggins (DJ was disappeared by a robot) talk about the best television show of the year, Andor.

They nitpick the droids, the cops, and of course the Syril.