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Mostly Nitpicking

Dec 30, 2020

It's the first and last big budget superhero action movie of 2020!

This week Nando DJ and Diggins sit on their nice comfy couch miles from any screaming children and watch Wonder Woman 1984.

They nitpick the powers, the wishes, and of course the rocks.

0:00 Mandalorian Spoiler Recap

41:10 Wonder Woman...

Dec 24, 2020

It's a palindrome. Ya get it?

This week, Nando DJ and Diggins take a nice short trip to their couch and watch the movie that saved* cinema, Tenet.

They nitpick the time travel, the character development, and of course the sons.

*or killed maybe

Dec 15, 2020

2 Christmas 2 Chronicles. This one also has Tyrese!

With Christmas just around the corner (yikes) Nando, DJ, and Diggins turn the cheer up to eleven and watch a movie that certainly has a beginning, middle, and an end as well as just enough legally distinct Minions to keep kids entertained for two hours, The Christmas...

Dec 5, 2020

I know. We're as confused as you are.

In the spirit of the upcoming Holiday season, Nando DJ and Diggins watch ... checks notes ... a movie where Nicholas Cage, Tony Jaa, and Crossbones fight a knock off Predator using the titular ancient alien for of martial arts, Jiu Jitsu.

They nitpick the weapons, the amnesia, and...

Nov 23, 2020

We never thought this day would come. We still aren't completely sure we didn't hallucinate this episode.

This week Nando, DJ, and Diggins take a trip back back back to 2017 and watch what definitely was not supposed to be the last X-Men movie before it all gets swallowed up into the MCU, The New Mutants.

They nitpick...