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Mostly Nitpicking

May 23, 2024

What a wonderful movie!

This week Nando and Diggins make the recording of the podcast of the interent of the culture of the humanity for the movie of the summer of the year of the decade of the century of the millenia, Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes.

They nitpick the apes, the humans, and of course...

May 14, 2024

Life is short. Stunt it!

This week Nando, DJ, and Diggins cover ourselves in fire and waddle over to watch the movie that seems to have been sponsored by a single KISS song, The Fall Guy.

They nitpick the stunts, the laws, and of course the drugs.



DJ - The Tom Brady Roast (special)

Diggins -

May 5, 2024

Someone got scarred, alright.

This week Nando, DJ, and Diggins return to...I wanna say Veldt? to watch the sequel to Netflix's most watched movie of this year probably, Rebel Moon – Part Two: The Scargiver.



DJ - The Circle (series)

Diggins - Night of the Comet (movie)

Nando - Shogun (series), Conan...